Explosive Growth Using Paid Search

What do you do when you need to find an answer? “Google it.” This is the magic. When folks see the ads we run for you on the top of the Google search page they’re already searching for a solution meaning these leads are hotter than a jalapeño’s armpit.

Make Your Budget Count

Most businesses walk blindly into the paid search minefield and start running ad campaigns with ineffective strategies that only worked in 2002. Packing 100 keywords into a single ad group, using completely irrelevant ads, or sending traffic to a general website with no CTA.

If you’re doing any of the above then stop what you’re doing, turn off all your campaigns, fire your marketer and book a call with us now so we can turn your PPC ads into the sales-generating machine it should be.

And it’s not just Google. Microsoft ads (Bing) is one of the most untapped pools of profitable customers who have already activated “buyer mode.” We’ll help you pull the lever on this overlooked platform so every time you log into your ad account a lil’ ROI party will be waiting for you.

We Grow Businesses, Period

It doesn’t matter if you’re a scrappy start-up or multinational company… we can help. As long as you're passionate about growing your company and you're not stiff as a board (crucial) then we'll happily help you:

  • Open a floodgate of traffic to your websites and funnels.
  • Turn visitors into a ludicrous amount of happy customers.
  • Bring you the biggest ROI possible.
  • Scale your business with less time, stress, and energy.

Numbers Don’t Lie

While most agencies will provide you with more excuses than results… then try to cover up said failure by talking about how many "impressions" your ads got … we purely focus on one thing and one thing only. ROI. And that’s the only thing we want you to judge us on.

We want everyone to be on the same page. So we built a robust yet easy-to-use reporting platform allowing you to keep an eye on those results.

Custom to you and your business and with just a few clicks you'll get an easy-to-consume breakdown of how much we spent and what your profit is.

Updated in real-time and accessible whenever you please.

Common Questions, Answered

Do you only work with certain industries or types of clients?

Are you looking to generate more leads? Appointments? Sales? Dinero?

If you found yourself nodding to any of the above then we can help.

But if you’re looking to blow your bank account on a “brand awareness” campaign that chases vanity metrics then … hard pass.

All we care about is creating world-class advertising campaigns that (ethically) seduce your target market to take a "direct" response that leads to an instant surge of cash into your business.

That’s why it’s called "direct" response marketing. Clever, right? 😉

How do we get started?

Simple, go here to apply and book your strategy session.

We'll have a quick chat to see if we can help you.

If we can, we'll tell you. If we can't … yep, we'll also tell you.

No fluff. No BS. Just an upfront and honest conversation.

If we decide to lock arms and blow up your business to dizzy new heights (high five) then we'll start building your new profit-generating machine.

Give us 7-10 days to get your ads live then just sit back, relax and wake up every day to an inbox full of ready to buy customers.

We're so bullishly confident in our team's ability to start making it rain for your business that we don't ask you to commit to any long-term contract.

Everything is monthly rolling. So if you ever want to abort this whole “let's make your business more money than you ever imagined” mission, you're free to.

Do you have a minimum ad spend or size?

Most of our clients are spending $10-$20,000 per month on ads (and making multiples back BTW).

But if those numbers make you sit back a lil' then not to worry.

Our bread and butter is scaling businesses "to the moon" so we recommend starting with at least $1,000 a month and then we build from there until you're profitably playing in the big leagues.

All in all, the idea is, for every dollar you put in, you get two, three, five, even ten back.

What does the day to day communication look like once we start working with you?

Our mission is to relieve you of work, not add to it. We make our clients money with as little involvement from them as possible.

Automation, operational excellence, and clear communications are our jam.

That being said, we'll always run big decisions by you, you'll be regularly updated on current performance and we'll never lose our human touch.

We like to make it so that you can rest easy at night knowing not only is your marketing being handled but it's working more effectively than ever before.

Are you a full service agency?

No. Advertising is the name and ROI is the game.

Meaning, we don’t offer web design, social media growth, public relations, or content creation.

While other agencies get all excited about impressions, followers, and page load times … we just laser focus on generating you the type of profit numbers that make your eyes sweat.

What does it cost?

Most service providers like to hide their prices like it's their secret sauce. Not us. You don't even have to jump on a call to get a quote from us.

Simply, we charge 10% of the ad spend that we manage or $1,000/month, whichever is greater. No games, no gimmicks.

Some quick math for those of you who need it:
If we manage $8,000 per month, our fee is $1,000.
If we manage $23,000 per month, our fee is $2,300.

For us, 10% is a fair fee. It allows us to get fairly compensated for our time and expertise, while it's a small drop in the ocean for you considering the numbers we pump into your bottom line.

Do you just manage the implementation? What about the ad creative and landing page?

It depends on you, your biz, your team, and what it is you're looking for BUT… Ideally, we do everything because, well, we're the best at it.

That's unshakable confidence born out of being in the marketing trenches every single day for over a decade.

We create the ad copy, ad images, videos (in most cases), landing pages, and manage everything for you. We have this process down to a tee.

If you have your own landing pages or some specific ad copy that you like (and more importantly you know converts higher than average) then it's something we can rock with.

We will just have to quickly vet it first to make sure it's going to make you the most bang for your buck.

What will our results look like?

No business is the same.

Applying the same marketing strategy for all businesses would be like shoving square blocks in round holes.

We will carefully craft a custom strategy for you, your business, and your customers to ensure we far exceed your growth goals.

On your initial strategy call (that you can book right here) we'll get clear on the KPIs that make your business tick so we know what we need to aim for in order to make sure you're in the green as quickly as possible.

We want to give you the ability to grow fast. So the goal is for you to be able to profitability "buy" growth by having a marketing system in place where you can predictably have a flow of new customers/clients/leads coming in every single day.

Ready To Get Serious About Growing Your Business?

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