Boost Your Reach to Homeowners on FacebookBoost Your Reach to Homeowners on Facebook

Boost Your Reach to Homeowners on Facebook

Transform your Facebook marketing approach to adapt to the latest targeting techniques for reaching homeowners.

Navigating Facebook's evolving ad targeting options can be a challenge, especially with recent changes that limit direct targeting possibilities like "homeowners." However, strategic and creative approaches remain that can effectively reach this audience. Here’s how you can optimize your Facebook strategies to connect with potential homeowner customers in 2024.

Understanding Facebook's Targeting Changes

Indirect Targeting is Key: While direct options like selecting "homeowners" are no longer available, you can still reach this demographic through indirect means. This involves understanding and leveraging related interests and behaviors that correlate with homeownership.

Effective Strategies to Target Homeowners on Facebook

1. Geographical and Demographical Targeting:

  • Focus on Specific Locations: Target ads to specific cities or neighborhoods known for a higher density of homeowners.
  • Age Matters: Homeownership is more common in certain age groups, typically ages 35-65. Tailoring your ads to these age ranges can increase the likelihood of reaching homeowners.

2. Interest-Based Targeting:

  • Home Improvement and Gardening: Users interested in home renovation, gardening, and DIY projects are likely homeowners.
  • High-Value Shopping Preferences: Target individuals who shop at home improvement stores or subscribe to property magazines.
  • Lifestyle Indicators: Interests in shows like "Fixer Upper" or hobbies such as golfing can also be indicative of homeownership.

3. Utilizing Life Events:

  • Recently Moved: This category can be a goldmine for targeting new homeowners who might need services to settle into their new properties.
  • Marital and Family Changes: Engagements, marriages, or additions to the family often precede property purchases.

Leveraging Local Content for Engagement

Create Community-Focused Content:

  • Local Events and News: Share content relevant to local community events or news. It not only boosts engagement but also positions your brand as a community figure.
  • Local Competitions and Sweepstakes: These can increase engagement and shares, spreading your brand’s reach organically.

Advanced Tactics for Enhanced Engagement

1. Custom and Lookalike Audiences:

  • Custom Audiences: Utilize your existing customer data to target similar users on Facebook.
  • Lookalike Audiences: This powerful tool allows you to reach new people who share characteristics with your best existing customers.

2. Household Targeting:

  • Life Event Targeting: Targeting options based on life events can help you reach individuals at critical decision-making times, such as after a wedding or the birth of a child.

3. Content Marketing via Groups:

  • Start a Roofing Group: Provide valuable advice and build trust within a community interested in roofing. This positions you as an expert and builds a direct line of communication with potential clients.

4. Mobile Optimization:

  • Mobile-First Content: Ensure all your Facebook content is optimized for mobile viewing, considering the majority of users access the platform via mobile devices.


Though direct targeting options like "homeowners" are no longer available on Facebook, the platform still offers robust tools for reaching potential customers through creative and strategic targeting. By understanding the indirect methods available and leveraging local and interest-based engagement strategies, you can effectively increase your visibility and appeal to homeowners on Facebook. This approach not only adapts to the current advertising environment but also sets you up for sustainable growth and engagement on one of the world’s most popular social platforms.

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